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The design process begins with a conceptual design. This design is influenced by customer’s desired image, as well as any sample sites the customer may like us to emulate. Once the sample sites have been viewed and the look and feel as well as the feature list has been agreed to, a conceptual design is created.

Other facets of the design process include; organizing the informational flow, fashioning a user-friendly interface and designing custom logos as needed. Nu Identity can create designs that match existing printed materials, or establish completely new design styles and branding.

Technical concerns are also taken into consideration to assure that the web site is compatible with the widest range of computer platforms, screen sizes, and color depths.

After client approval of the conceptual design; work begins on implementation of the actual web pages.

Nu Identity possesses all the necessary technical skills to carry out the developmental tasks such as html programming, scripting, database design, dynamic page development and forms processing. Nu Identity effectively manages these skills to bring projects to a swift conclusion, without compromising quality.

It is the combination of these skills and our willingness to work with the customer that makes us so successful. This is a team effort; by working together we can design and implement a site that far exceeds your expectations.

Keeping the company website totally up to date can be a challenging or expensive task. Some companies have trained staff that use complex html editing tools while others ask their expensive IT resources to maintain their public website. There is a better way! The Nu Identity Control Portal is a Content Management system that enables non-technical users to make changes while automatically respecting site standards for style, layout and code.

The site administrator simply logs in over the internet, selects the page they wish to edit and then begins the editing process. The Control Portal allows you to keep your site fresh and alive, without having to use your web designer to make every little change. This translates into world class content at less cost to you.

Sometimes that best content management system is your email; send us the changes you need made; and we make the updates. It just all depends upon your specific needs.

Kendra Ramirez, from Sales Konnect says it this way.

"Nu Identity really impressed me. They took the time to understand my business. The consultant spent 3 hours with me reviewing our needs before even discussing the website redesign. They did an amazing job on my website and I am very proud of it. I highly recommend Nu Identity for your website needs."

Kendra Ramirez

Paul Pelnar, from Vesta Executive Housing says it this way.

"Nu-identity was the right choice for our web re-design. A nice combination of skill sets; providing both technical and creative expertise, they have given us a fresh and effective corporate image. Thanks Nu Identity."

Paul Pelnar

Richard Flynn, from Flynn & Company says it this way.

"Nu-identity has been a terrific business partner. Our certified public accounting firm needed a new website. One that was fresh, functional and easy to use by our clients. After interviewing several website design firms we chose Nu-identity…and we are so glad we did. Their friendly, professional staff made designing the website interesting and fun. The whole process took weeks instead of months. We are truly pleased with the performance of Nu-identity."

Richard Flynn