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At the heart of creating a strong corporate identity is a professional graphics design team. One that will give your company the look that allows it to stand out in it’s market space.

Here are a few important questions you need to ask yourself:
1. Are your products or services superior to your corporate identity?
2. Do you believe VALUE is gauged upon initial impression?
3. Would your product or service be perceived as MORE VALUABLE if presented in a more professional way?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we can help. Our Graphic Artists, Designers and Marketing Specialists are interested helping you.

Richard Flynn, from Flynn & Company says it this way.

"Nu-identity has been a terrific business partner. Our certified public accounting firm needed a new website. One that was fresh, functional and easy to use by our clients. After interviewing several website design firms we chose Nu-identity…and we are so glad we did. Their friendly, professional staff made designing the website interesting and fun. The whole process took weeks instead of months. We are truly pleased with the performance of Nu-identity."

Richard Flynn

Clearly a Logo is one of the primary means for creating a corporate identity. A good, eye-catching logo says a lot about your company and it's image. Websites, business cards and company literature will all have a logo at the foundation of their design scheme; that is why it is so important to have a logo that fits the image you want to portray.

Once you have settled on a logo, whether it is one we designed for you or an existing design, we are ready to begin work on your website. We will work with you to obtain the proper color scheme, view sample sites, and go about creating an initial conceptual design, per your specifications. After the conceptual design is signed off on, we are well on our way to delivering your world class website.

Throughout the entire design process we will work with you to gather your feedback and make sure things are coming along as you would expect. It is this team effort that allows us to be so successful in exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Nu Identity delivers professional-level designs that span from simple to complex. The complexity of the site is purely dependant upon the individual clients needs.

We emphasize attention to detail, usability, ease of navigation, and short download times.

Whether your site is a small informational site or a complex business site we have the technical skills required for flawless implementation. Our development team is comfortable implementing shopping carts, databases, content management systems, and a wide variety of design and animation styles.

Nu Identity possesses the complete range of artistic and technical skills that make your site world class.

Having a great website that no one ever visits is not our goal for you. We can help to not only create an exceptional site but be sure that you leverage all the internet has to offer.

When it comes to building a website or creating a marketing campaign, it all has one intended purpose; make your business more successful. We can help you make the right business decisions up front that will lead to a successful campaign.

It’s not about making a flashy design, it’s about making you more successful in business.

67% of customers now use the internet to find what they are looking for. (Yahoo 2003)

Plain english, 67% of your prospects will end up at your website. Is your website as good as your best salesperson? If not it’s time for a new website.

Simple fact, your prospects will visit your website and probably your competitors website; their overall impression will greatly influence their buying decision.

Give yourself a leg up on the competition and be sure you have the better website.

Your corporate Identity is comprised of all your visual marketing communications, such as your logo, business cards, brochures, website, literature etc.

Staying ahead of the competition is not simply having the best product or service; it includes having a “knock your socks off Brand” that clearly communicates your superior offerings.