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We’ve all experienced a few bad websites in our life; it’s sad but true, there are many more bad websites, than good ones. 80 percent of websites are bad, that’s the bad news, the good news; build a great website and you’ll stand out in a crowd. We want you in the top 20 percent, the good website category.

Our developers and designers have intimate knowledge of the tools we use to create your web application. We’re proficient in the latest design tools; products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Image Ready, Dreamweaver, the list goes on and on.

Your site is designed using the latest web development tools along with custom coding which keeps your web application leading-edge. Since our sites are dynamic, we build using the latest in PHP coding technology. Our developers utilize a robust MySQL backbone which serves as a stable database for any web application that may be needed.

Loyd Houston, from Queens College Alumni Association says it this way.The Nu Identity Control Portal made updating our site a breeze.

Lloyd Houston

Brand Equity is the value of your brand separate from the value of your product or service. An example would be a can of baked beans at your local grocer. The generic off brand might sell for $1.00 while the Bush’s Best sells for $1.39. The 39 cent difference per can is Brand Equity. 39 cents is the value added by the – Bush’s Best Brand.

Brand Equity can also work in the negative, same can of baked beans at the grocer, all black and white label and a little dusty from the travel…. It sells for 69 cents while the other generic brand sells for $1.00. In this example poor branding has actually devalued the product by 31 cents per can.

A great real life example is Microsoft window’s Vista Operating System…. The brand, Vista, had such a bad reputation that it was actually devaluing the product.

Microsoft went as far as to create the Mojave Experiment to help users see the product for what it really was.

They brought in focus groups and re-branded the software as Mojave.. The people testing the software loved it and where shocked to find out that it was really just Microsoft Vista re-branded.

So let’s bring this full circle … Everything, Everybody, in your company does, either adds or subtracts from the value of your company.
Take a few minutes to evaluate your brand.

A simple exercise is to write down your various brand influencers and than put a plus sign or minus sign next to each item depending on whether they increase your brand equity or devalue it.

Some areas to review are:

1.Your Staff their attitude and professionalism
2.Your Premises: your office, company vehicles, signage
3.Your Visual Communications:
a. Logo
b. Website
c. Business Cards
d. Brochures
e. Advertising
f. Product labels
g. Envelopes
h. Invoices

Honestly evaluate each one of these areas, and then create an action plan to turn the negatives into positives.

Need to some advice on how to build Brand Equity in your business.

By continuing to update the skills of our developers and designers we ensure that you, the customer, receive leading-edge, industry standard, web applications in record time.

Expertise in the areas of:

Brand Management
Online Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Graphic Design
Web Development
CSS Style Sheets

“Creative Design without business strategy is just pretty pictures."

Our single purpose in working with you; is to help your business become more successful. When we are designing, we not only ask ourselves does this look good; we ask will this help the customer become more successful in their business endeavors.

Before moving ahead with the design we ask a ton of questions so we can better understand the functionality of the design. Questions like; tell me about your company? Who is your target market? What impression do you want your company to have on your prospects and customers? Who will visit your site? How will they get there? You get the point; we want to understand everything about your business.

After analyzing your business needs, we create a strategy with solutions that address specific pain points and have an achievable goal in mind.

Technical concerns are also taken into consideration to assure that the website is compatible with the widest range of computer platforms.

After client approval of the conceptual design; work begins on implementation of the actual web pages.