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Nu Identity is more than a web design company. We create impactful designs, craft elegant user experiences, produce interactive marketing campaigns with measurable results, and build web applications that work seamlessly. If you are looking to take your brand to the next level, or launch a campaign that generates revenue, please feel free to explore our work and contact us to learn more.

Think of your companies Brand as formal wear for your business. Imagine a person wearing a tuxedo with the pants of the tuxedo representing your companies website, the jacket your brochures, the bowtie representing your company's logo and the shoes your business cards. Now think of the person inside the tuxedo as all the people representing your company, their knowledge, skills, and attitude all contributing to your companies reputation.

Is your business ready for the next big event or do you need to “iron” out a few aspects of your company’s brand.

One simple thought…. Now think about this realistically. How much money does your company spend on their office space per month? Okay, think about how many clients or prospects visit your office per month.

Now how much money does your company spend on it's website per month? Take a guess at how many people visit your website each month.

Makes you think about your website in a different light, doesn’t it.

You are what you communicate, 93% of communication is non-verbal.
Communication is much more than the words you use; its your tone of voice, the way you draw out a word, an eye brow raised, your arms crossed, actions speak louder than words. So how does this translate into the world of business? It's not enough to have a great product or service, you must clearly communicate their value to your prospects and customers.

Everything matters! Pick the wrong color, send the wrong message. Use a fancy font, no one will read it. Deliver inconsistent branding and they will wonder if your company is reliable. Build a great brand, then live up to it; that's how you keep them coming back for more.

First Impressions are no small factor, Talk of the Nation, October 26, 2007 · A new study has found that in less than one second, people can predict the winners of political elections with 70 percent accuracy - simply by glancing at pictures of the candidates. The study suggests that when it comes to voting, appearance and first impressions are no small factor. Image is everything

What a brillant concept! Simply appearing more competent than your competition give you a better chance of winning. Okay so maybe its not brillant but we all know its true; to be an industry leader the first foundational step is to create a knock your socks off, mow you over brand that accurately represents your company's products and services.

"Image is Everything" - "Message is Everything" which is it?, it's both. poor design of your companies logo, brochures, and website, will turn off your prospects and keep them from believing your message; poor content will reduce the flashiest of designs to in-effective works of art. At Nu Identity we believe that effective branding is a combination of thoughtful messaging and exceptional design.

for some of you, it’s design a new website or create an alias; in today’s world of technology you just can’t hide a bad website any longer.

Kendra Ramirez, from Sales Konnect says it this way.

"Nu Identity really impressed me. They took the time to understand my business. The consultant spent 3 hours with me reviewing our needs before even discussing the website redesign. They did an amazing job on my website and I am very proud of it. I highly recommend Nu Identity for your website needs."

Kendra Ramirez

I’ll spend a couple minutes discussing Branding and what it means to your company.

Let’s first talk a little bit about what is a “Brand”

Is it something simply for really large corporations with lots of marketing dollars, the Time Warners and AT&T’s of the world?

Does branding only apply to clothing companies like Calvin Klein?

Of course not but many of us think of branding that way.

In reality Brand is everything that effects the perception of your company. It’s pretty much everything you do….

Long and short of it… It’s your company’s reputation.

Brand is how you answer the phone, how well the landscaping looks on the outside of your building. It’s your sales person with a great smile, a great attitude, excited about the company they work for. It’s your marketing communications, company logo, business cards, brochures, and website.

Every company has a Brand – large or small your reputation is your Brand.

So let’s bring this full circle … Everything, every person, in your company does, either adds or subtracts from the value of your Brand.
Take a few minutes to evaluate your Branding.

Ask yourself this. Am I 100% confident that the QUALITY of my company's products and services are being clearly represented in my current marketing tools? For example does our website give a clear message both in visual design and textual copy of who we are and what we do? If not create and action plan and take steps to bring you “Brand up to speed.”